How to Safely Share the Road With Semi-Trucks

May 23, 2019

WendellandCarolyn iStock / Getty Images Plus

Driving next to a tractor-trailer on the interstate can be a scary proposition when all you've got to protect you is a wee little passenger vehicle. But if you take the following advice, published by The L.A. Times, you're liable to be a lot safer when cruising next to semis:

  1. Start by remembering that you might be headed on vacation, but those truck drivers are working, hauling goods across America’s highways and interstates.
  2. Don't tailgate. After all, if a 4,000-pound car collides with a big rig 20 times its weight, the outcome is in little doubt. That’s why tractor-trailer accidents are often deadly.
  3. Don't hang out alongside a semi--pass it.
  4. When passing, avoid the truck's blind spots. If you can't see their mirrors, they can't see you.
  5. Yield to large trucks when merging onto a freeway.
  6. Give them extra room to make turns.