How to Get an Upgrade the Next Time You Stay at a Hotel

May 8, 2019

MangoStar_Studio iStock / Getty Images Plus

Hoping to snag a free hotel upgrade on your next vacation? Concierge Confidential author Michael Fazio says it takes politeness, plus these tips:

Ask on the weekends. Weekdays are generally the busiest time for hotels because of business travelers. Asking on a Friday night could be your best bet.

Check in early. There are probably more options for an upgrade at the start of the day than towards the end. If check-in time is at 3 p.m., try getting there a few minutes early.

Join hotel loyalty programs. Make sure your reservation has your account attached and don’t be afraid to mention your status when checking in.

Book directly with the hotel. "Hotels tend to look down on guests that book through discount travel sites," Fazio says. "It’s like coming in with a scarlet letter attached to you that says ‘cheap rate.’" Call hotels directly to book a room--but don't be afraid to ask if they can match a rate from a third-party reservation site.

Mention that you write hotel reviews. While you should not threaten them with a bad review, you can politely ask hotel staff how to write a review when you check in--indicating your intentions without being a jerk about it.