Homeless Man Leaves Note Pleading to “Make His Life Worth Living”

March 21, 2019

A homeless man in Hastings, East Sussex, is making headlines after penning a heartbreaking note about his circumstances. The Mirror reports that Anthony Johnson posted a handwritten note outside his tent this week, which reads, "Work wanted. I will do a trial for free to show how I work--I don't take drugs or drink.” He goes on to explain, "I will also do dog walking/minding, window cleaning, shopping, gardening, car valeting, washing, housework, cooking--anything to earn a living and make life seem worth living. Help change a life." People in the area have started to rally around Johnson, with one group renovating an old caravan with the intention of gifting it to the homeless man. Another volunteer has found location where Johnson can park and live in the caravan all year. Johnson has been homeless for nine years.