High School Holds Mock Graduation So Dying Dad Can See Daughter Get Diploma

March 23, 2019

After Mark Patterson was diagnosed with terminal cancer recently in Tyler, Texas, CBS-19 reports that his wife asked him, "What is your goal?" He responded by breaking down in tears and saying, "I just want to see my baby girl graduate." Since Patterson was given just two weeks to live, this posed a logistical problem for Lindale High School, which won't hold its graduation until May. But the school found a creative solution to this tragic dilemma by staging a mock graduation this past Wednesday, where a bedridden Patterson got to witness his adopted daughter, Christian, in her cap and gown. “My strength comes from God. I have so much faith," said Christian, who's been accepted to 11 different colleges. "I know if my dad passes, I will be fine. My parents will be fine, my mom, my family. It’s okay. Life is going to go on."