Heinz Launches Limited-Edition Ketchup Bottles Decorated with Ed Sheeran Tattoos

August 13, 2019
Ed Sheeran

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There are few things Ed Sheeran loves more than Heinz ketchup. After all, he recently filmed a TV ad talking up the virtues of the condiment, even at fancy restaurants. On Monday, the singer's bro-down with the brand leveled up, as Heinz revealed 150 limited-edition ketchup bottles featuring an all-over design inspired by Sheeran's tattoos. Ink that made the final cut of the colorful product includes puzzle pieces, roses and a paw. Unfortunately, getting a hold of one of these bottles might prove difficult: Three are being auctioned off for charity later this week, while 104 of the autographed bottles are being given away to fans as part of a free drawing.