Have You Heard About the Charmin 'Forever Roll'?

April 5, 2019

If you hate to have to change out the toiler paper roll in your bathroom then you're going to be excited by this. According to TODAY the toilet paper company Charmin is now selling what they're calling a "Forever Roll", which they claim you can use for up to a month before having to change them out. Now don't worry, they're not making it bigger by sacrificing on the quality. It will still be the same 2-ply softness you've come to expect. They're also offering "single user" and "multi-user" rolls. A single-user roll with 850 two-ply sheets measures 8.7 inches in diameter and will cost you $5.49 for a single purchase. If you get a subscription, the single-user roll drops down to $4.39 and gives you the option to choose how much toilet paper you'd like and when you would like it to be delivered, ranging from once a month to once a year. If you have more people who need to do their business, you can purchase the multi-user roll, which comes with 1,700 sheets and is 1 foot in diameter. It goes for $9.99 a pop, or $7.99 if you subscribe.