"Haunted" Thrift Store Furniture Sells for $1,000 After Going Viral

March 16, 2019

At the Habitat for Humanity thrift store in Rowan County, North Carolina, there's a bed frame and highboy chest of drawers that comes with an unusual warning. "Please note, previous owner reports that the highboy is haunted," the note reads. "He reports continuous nightmares for he and his wife while it was in their room. He also reports the dogs would not stop barking at it." A Facebook post about the haunted furniture has gone viral, leading to tons of interest in the pieces, which have since been sold for a total of $1,000. "Our donations manager asked about these pieces and he was told, 'You don't want those, they're haunted,'" Brady told WJZY-TV. "And he said, 'Well, now I definitely want them!'" Shrewd move, fella!