GRAPHIC PHOTO: Corey's Weenis Injury

February 12, 2018

It's been a point of pride in my 34 years of existence that I've never needed stitches before. This weekend, that streak should have come to a close had I not waited too long to go to urgent care. On Saturday night I was leaving my girlfriend's parents’ house with her 7 pound Pomeranian under my arm, holding him like a football. They have a few steps that go from their side door to the driveway and when I took my first step down I found some ice and went airborne. I ended up landing on my back and elbow, splitting it open on a step. Specifically I landed on my weenis, that  flap of loose skin on the back of your elbow. As embarrassing as it was to fall on ice while holding a tiny dog, I think the fact I injured my weenis makes it even worse. 

I was hesitant about sharing these photos online because I wasn't sure if it's something anyone would really want to see, but after being persuaded by Whitney Young, you can scroll down to witness my weenis injury in all its glory.