Google's Most-Searched News Stories of 2019

December 12, 2019

© Veerapong Takonok |


Google's most-searched news story in the U.S. this year was Hurricane Dorian, which lashed the Bahamas and the East Coast in early September. Here are the top ten news stories we searched for in 2019...

1. Hurricane Dorian.

2. The Notre Dame Cathedral fire that happened back in April.

3. The Women's World Cup. The U.S. won it for the second time in a row, and fourth time overall.

4. The Area 51 raid. Over two million people RSVP'd for it on Facebook.  But only 134 people showed up, and no one got inside.

5. The Copa America soccer tournament in Brazil.

6. The El Paso shooting at a Walmart store in August that left 22 people dead, and 24 more injured.

7. Sri Lanka, because of the Easter bombings in April that killed 259 people.

8. The government shutdown, which lasted from December 22nd of last year until January 25th.

9. The Equifax data breach settlement.

10. The three earthquakes that hit Ridgecrest, California back in July. The third one was a 7.1, which is the largest quake to hit California in 20 years.