Goodbye to Hart's Local Grocers

March 11, 2019

When I moved back to Rochester four and a half years ago a lot had changed and for the better. There was a different vibrancy about the city. The foodie and craft beer movement had begun to take off. Instead of businesses closing which had been the commonplace for so long, new businesses were opening. One of those new businesses was Hart's Local Grocers, located just off East Ave in the East End. In a town that was dominated by Wegmans, it was hard to imagine a grocery store succeeding for long, but Hart's was different. From the overall esthetic of the store, their awesome cafe with those unbelievable breakfast sandwiches, a shockingly diverse beer selection, to many of the local products they carried, Hart's differentiated themselves. I lived across the street from Hart's for nearly four years and for the rest of my life I'm going to look back fondly on that. Not just because it was incredibly convenient, but because of what that store represented and the people who worked so hard to accomplish that. Today Hart's announced that they would be closing their doors on March 24th, citing declining sales that were making it impossible to make ends meet. Upon hearing that news today I did what I had done countless times before and walked through the doors of Hart's, straight to the cafe to order one of their breakfast sandwiches. The mood in the store, which had always been so lively and fun, with big smiles on the faces of the employees, was replaced with a somber one. The East End is losing something great. Rochester is losing something great. To everyone who worked so hard to try to make Hart's work, I just wanted to say thank you. Even though it's coming to an end, you made an impact on the lives of countless people and on this city. You will be missed. - Corey