"Game of Thrones": Who Ended Up on the Iron Throne?

May 20, 2019

© Alton Strupp/Courier Journal

HBO’s Game of Thrones wrapped up for good on Sunday night, after eight epic seasons. During the finale episode, it was revealed who would sit on the Iron Throne (hint: no one), and a number of other big twists were revealed. According to Variety, here were the eight most shocking moments from the series finale:

  1. Tyrion found his family. Tyrion found the bodies of her brother and sister, Jaime and Cersei, entombed in the crypt under the Red Keep. 
  2. Daenerys’ planned for world domination. After burning King’s Landing to the ground, Daenerys declared in front of her remaining army that she intended to “free” the entire earth--including the people of Winterfell. 
  3. Tryion’s “hand” enough. After Daenerys’ dramatic speech, Tyrion approached her, removed his Hand of the King pin and dramatically tossed it away.
  4. Jon killed Daenerys. After realizing that his aunt and lover had become a Mad Queen, Jon put a knife through her heart.
  5. Drogon melted the Iron Throne. Dany’s last dragon, Drogon, melted the Iron Throne in anger at his mother’s death. 
  6. Westeros, a Democracy? Following Dany’s murder, Sam proposed at the council to let the people vote on who should be king or queen.
  7. All hail, Bran the Broken. The council unanimously voted Bran the new king of the Six Kingdoms (the North went solo, with Sansa getting the crown she deserves).
  8. Ghost returns. Jon is reunited with his direwolf Ghost, as well as Tormund. Together, the trio rode into the frozen tundra North of the Wall in a final scene which mirrors the opening sequence of the entire series.