Frenchman Runs Entire Marathon on His Apartment Balcony

March 23, 2020

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Even as people quarantine to help stop the spread of coronavirus, it's still legal to step outside and go for a run in France. But with the streets getting crowded with joggers due to a spate of balmy weather, Elisha Nochomovitz decided to run an entire marathon on his 23-foot-long balcony in Balma. It took Nochomovitz six hours and 48 minutes to complete his extremely monotonous, 26.2-mile course, as he got nauseous and worried his neighbors would complain about the pounding of his footsteps. He told the AP that he completed the balcony-bound feat as a way of "bringing a bit of humor" to the crisis, and also to pay tribute to medical personnel around the world who are doing an "exceptional job" combatting coronavirus.