Four Fans Will Get to Live at Buffalo Wild Wings During March Madness

March 6, 2020

Buffalo Wild Wings wants to be your home away from home for March Madness this year. And we mean that literally. They just launched a contest where two winners will get to LIVE at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Chicago for the first two days of the tournament. Plus they'll get free airfare and $1,000 in gift cards. You won't sleep in the dining area. They built a separate room off to the side with bunk beds. So it's like a cramped college dorm with a shared bathroom, free food, and multiple TVs. And people can look in and watch you from the restaurant, or the street. The winners and their guest will spend two days and one night there on March 19th and 20th. And everyone's staying at the same time, so you'll have three roommates. Basically, you'll be sharing a tiny, enclosed room with strangers while eating wings and drinking beer all day. So just consider how fresh the air in your place smells after ONE meal at Buffalo Wild Wings. You also have to sign over all rights to any footage of you they might want to use in future ads. If it still sounds appealing, you have until next Thursday to enter. Just share a video on Instagram or Twitter explaining why you're the "ultimate March Madness fan." And add the hashtag, "BnBDubsContest."