#FloridaMan Viral Challenge Takes Twitter by Storm

March 21, 2019

Everybody loves a good "Florida man" story--the crazier the better. Perhaps that's why the hashtag #FloridaMan has taken Twitter by storm over the last few days, thanks to a simple, hilarious trick that plays up the bizarre stories that come from the state. "Google 'florida man' followed by your birthday (florida man august 22) and tell me what you get," one user wrote in a now-viral tweet. "Mine is 'Florida Man tries to attack neighbor with tractor.'" Viewers of the CBS affiliate in Tampa even got in on the fun, sharing that their headline results included "Florida sheriff warns residents not to shoot at Hurricane Irma: 'You won't make it turn around'" and “Florida man throws cheeseburger at pregnant woman." @_FloridaMan, it's worth noting, is a hilarious Twitter feed which highlights the bizarre exploits of the state's male population.