Escaped Yaks Returned to Owner After Terrorizing Hiker & Dog

July 26, 2019

Andrea Izzotti iStock / Getty Images Plus

On Wednesday in western Massachusetts, Mike Tierney discovered that his three yaks had escaped his farm. “I was nervous only that they’re a big animal,” Tierney told The Boston Globe. “They could cause all kinds of havoc out there.” That they did, scaring the tar out of hiker Todd Steglinski and his dog, Sarah, by charging at them. “Your blood starts pumping. You’ve got these 3,000-pound animals galloping towards you like a little stampede,” said Steglinski, who called the cops as he sprinted away from the horned beasts. The yaks eventually gave up their pursuit and were captured and returned to Tierney on Thursday. Tierney says he thinks he's got a breach in one of his farm's fences, but hasn't found it yet.