Do You Hate When People Celebrate the Holidays Too Early?

November 3, 2017

I’ll be honest; I've been accused of being a Grinch in the past for my firm stance that Christmas shouldn't be celebrated until after Thanksgiving. It's gotten to the point where when I see others celebrating too early I get ANGRY. And that anger has only compounded over the years as it seems we begin to celebrate the holidays earlier and earlier. Raise your hand if you saw Christmas decoration displays back in August.

Now that Halloween is over there are a lot of people who have their sights set directly on holiday time. A perfect example of this is a couple of women who work in our office. When it comes to expressing their holiday cheer they’ve hit the ground running. As soon as the calendar turned to November 1st they had decorations up, were blasting Christmas music in the office, and shouting Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays through a tinsel covered megaphone. Their behavior enraged me. I immediately grabbed my phone and took to Facebook Live to share with the world how ridiculous my co-workers were being. Other co-workers jumped in on the attack, but their holiday spirit was unrelenting.

After I took some time to cool off I began to think about my reaction, something I’d never done before. Why did this anger me so much? Why did it make my blood boil when I witnessed someone trying to bring joy to others? I’m an overall positive person, how did this turn me into such a negative Nancy? The reasons I've used in the past were just masks. “Thanksgiving is not getting its fair shake”. Psshh, Thanksgiving will have its day. “That too much Christmas somehow makes it less special”. No, it doesn’t. This is the most special time of the year.

After some serious soul searching I realized the real reason why someone trying to spread Holiday cheer in early November brought me to the brink of a meltdown. It's jealousy. I'm jealous of them because I WISH I had their joy. We SHOULDN'T hate these people. We shouldn’t mock them. We shouldn’t bring them down. We should envy them and more importantly EMBRACE them. Let them lift us up.

We've experienced a lot of terrible things this year. This is not something to feel rage over. So with that said, I now pledge this year, you will no longer catch me bitching about Thanksgiving not getting its fair shake or how Santa Claus is getting too much time in the spot light. I gladly welcome as much holiday joy as possible. I've finally seen the light…the Christmas lights.

Bring on the cheer.