Did the Philadelphia Flyers' Mascot Punch a 13-Year-Old Boy in the Back?

January 23, 2020

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The NHL's Philadelphia Flyers describe their shaggy, infamously bizarre mascot Gritty as being someone with "bully" tendencies. And according to one disgruntled dad, Gritty is certainly doing his part to advance that notion. To wit, Chris Greenwell tells The Philadelphia Inquirer that, at a recent meet-and-greet with season ticket-holders, Gritty "took a running start" and "punched my [13-year-old> son as hard as he could." Greenwell complained to the team, which investigated the alleged incident and "found nothing to support this claim." But Greenwell didn't stop there: After a chiropractor diagnosed his son with a spine contusion (or bruised back), Greenwell filed a police report. The cops are currently conducting their own investigation of the alleged assault, while Greenwell says he's ending his run of 22 years as a Flyers season ticket-holder.