The Definitive List: Best Halloween Candy

October 24, 2017

For the sake of this list I stuck with original versions

5.  Nerds - The underdogs of Halloween candy. They might not be the first thing you think of when the thought of Halloween candy comes to mind, but don't sleep on these bottomless boxes of crunchy sweet/tart bliss. Each little piece of beautifully balanced sweet and tart candy is an explosion of flavor. The stable box packaging also makes it the easiest candy to chug 

4. Candy Corn - BEFORE you freak out, let me explain. Candy corn is the Nickleback of Halloween candy. It's cool to say you hate it, but there's a reason it's been around forever and deep down when no one's looking you know you enjoy it. It might make you hate yourself a little, but if you're being honest with yourself you know it's true.

3. Twizzlers -  Twizzlers are both the one candy you can play with the most (who hasn't made Twizzlers glasses or bracelet) and they're also the only candy that can be utilized as a straw.

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups  - You knew chocolate would eventually make an appearance. Even if they’re smashed — and they’re always smashed — licking that melted chocolate and peanut butter off that waxy wrapper is the highlight of every Halloween. Did that sound erotic? The cup form of the chocolate also makes you feel fancy AF (pinkies up)

1. Starburst - Stay down chocolate. The typical three pack of Starbursts versatility gives it the edge over all other candies. Plus throw into the mix the added excitement of not knowing what you're going to get (Who needs to go to Vegas? Every pack of Starburst is a gamble). What kid doesn't love a surprise!? If something is wrapped twice you know it's gotta be extra good (Except if they're all yellow, but hey that's how the cookie crumbles)