D-Bags Are Luring Instacart Shoppers With Big Tips, Then Changing Them to Zero

April 10, 2020

Vera_Petrunina iStock / Getty Images Plus


The coronavirus pandemic is bringing out the best in most of us--but the stingiest in some Instacart shoppers. Several gig workers who buy groceries for Instacart clients tell CNN that users are promising big tips through the app, then pulling a bait-and-switch and retroactively reducing the tip amount once their products are delivered. Late last month, Instacart shopper Annaliisa Arambula agreed to make a grocery run that came with a $55 tip. An hour after she dropped off the delivery, the tip was changed to $8.95. "I was flabbergasted. I couldn't believe it," Arambula says. "It's very demoralizing." Likewise, an Instacart shopper in Pennsylvania who only gave her name as Jennifer G. says she's seen a $32.94 tip on a 27-item order from Sam's Club changed to $0, as well as a $13.31 tip on a 38-item order from another store. An Instacart rep says the company recently removed the "none" tip option, although users can still manually enter a $0 tip. The spokesperson also claims most users last month adjusted their tip upward, or at least left it as is, after their deliveries arrived.