Crying Over Your Break-Up Can Help You Lose Weight

August 1, 2019

AntonioGuillem iStock / Getty Images Plus

Apparently some scientists have just discovered that when you're extremely emotional and crying after a break-up, it helps you lose weight. That's right: Getting dumped is the hot new diet trend for 2019. Here's why. When you're really grieving and you cry, your body produces some hormones that only come out when you're under a lot of pressure. Those hormones reduce our cortisol levels, which are tied to stress. When cortisol and stress are high, our bodies take that as a sign we need to retain fat, because our ancient ancestors mostly stressed over starving to death. But when our cortisol and stress are low, our body thinks it's fine to get rid of fat. So the researchers say that when you have a genuine emotional response to a break-up, your body will lose fat.