Couple Offers Wedding Meals According to How Much Guests Spend on Their Gifts

September 22, 2020

negoworks iStock / Getty Images Plus


An anonymous couple is getting a lot of online hate for asking how expensive guest gifts were so they could give them a comparable wedding meal, according to Fox 5 News. A pic of the couple's RSVP was posted to Reddit's “Wedding Shaming” forum. The picture shows that the wedding couple have a four-tier wedding meal plan, depending on how much a guest spends on a gift. Those gifting up to $250 can eat either swordfish or chicken, but those who bump that gift value up to $500 can eat poached salmon and sliced steak too. Those spending $501 to $1,000 on gifts also have the lobster tail or filet mignon option. Those giving more than $1,001 are treated to a 2-pound lobster and souvenir champagne goblet. “Everybody should just say their gift was over $1K, eat the 2lb of lobster, and laugh thinking about the couple opening their $40 toaster later,” says one commenter. “That is horrific,” said another person. “My response would be zero and I will bring McDonald’s.”