Condom Sales Sag Because Nobody's Having Sex in Quarantine

May 1, 2020

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You may think that being bored at home all day would spur people to have more sex, but dropping condom sales suggest you're wrong. “This virus is having a toll on the number of intimate occasions,” says Laxman Narasimhan, CEO of Reckitt Benckiser, which owns Durex condoms. Increased anxiety between couples, lack of contact between lesser-acquainted pairs and stay-at-home orders are lowering the need for condoms. Even with the lag in demand, a condom shortage is a possibility. Lockdown rules in Malaysia have caused the closure of three factories of the world's largest condom producer. That could cause larger health issues. A rep for the UN says, “A shortage of condoms, or any contraceptive, could lead to an increase in unintended pregnancies, with potentially devastating health and social consequences for adolescent girls, women and their partners and families."