Colorado Man's Girlfriend Identifies as a Cat, So He's Her Reluctant Master

October 31, 2019

Roman Chekhovskoy


Rob Berg met his girlfriend, Kat Lyons, at a sci-fi convention eight months ago. He soon discovered that she works at Cat Girl Manor, a Colorado Springs fetish club that specializes in "pet play," and identifies as a cat. (In retrospect, the name "Kat Lyons" might have been a tell.) “When I first got into pet play, I just felt a sense of home,” she tells The New York Post. “It was just me. I’ve always felt like I was a cat...If I wanna climb on something, I can. If I wanna drink out of a little bowl, I can." But unlike most cats, she says she enjoys taking on a "mostly" submissive role, although Berg admits he's not completely comfortable with the "master side" of playing a "more dominant role."