College Student Helps Her Mom Flirt With Her Professor on Zoom

April 21, 2020

peterspiro iStock / Getty Images Plus


A college student taking online classes during quarantine tried to set her mom up with one of her professors. Aly Oliver's TikTok video about the experience went viral, racking up over 5 million views. In the video, her mother practices entering the room "by accident" and Oliver casually mentions to her professor that her parents are divorced. The trio chats briefly after her mother "accidentally" shows up. "Surreptitiously recording aside, that's [an> endearing thing for a daughter to do for a mother," Oliver's professor said after being told about the video. He told her she could leave the video on the site if she wrote a paper about intellectual property rights issues "vis a vis TikTok." Oliver did an updated video that says nothing new has happened because they live in different states and everyone's in quarantine. However, she's still hopeful. "I'm gonna drop my mom's cell phone number at the end of my essay," she says. "Because what do I have to lose."