"Cam Newton Isn't a Sexist, He's Just Stupid."

October 5, 2017

"I don't think Cam Newton is a sexist, I just think he's stupid."

Wanna piss off some women? Tweet that sentence and see what happens. I know from experience. It only took seconds before I was too labeled a sexist, a misogynist, and called just as stupid as Cam Newton. I think we all need to take a step back here. It's very easy to label Cam Newton or any other man in a similar situation as a sexist and go on the offensive. But, what is it we really want in this world? That's change. You want a reporter’s gender to not even be a thought in someone's mind. Pure equality. That's the dream. Do you know how you're never going to achieve that? By attacking people. By labeling. By name-calling.

Just like Cam's words matter, so do yours. There needs to be a distinction between a man who said something incredibly stupid without thinking, which is what I believe Cam did, and someone who intentionally puts down a woman with malice in his heart. He wasn't up at that podium yelling, "You're a woman, you don't know anything about sports. Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich" He's being treated as if he did though. The vile and hatred being spewed at him is just as alarming as his comments to that female reporter.

Cam's comments come off as insensitive and in my opinion, someone who wasn't thinking. Cam Newton needs to be educated, not attacked. He needs to understand why it's not okay to do and say what he said. He needs to hear the insightful perspective of what a woman in a male dominated field faces every day. To coin a term from the internet, he needs to be "woke". But at least from what I've seen there's not much of that happening. Just a lot of anger. A lot of hatred. And a lot of name-calling. 

This is a bigger issue than Cam Newton. This is the overall feeling in the country right now. And not just with sexism, with every issue. You said something I don't agree with? I'm going to attack you. I'm going to belittle you. I'm NOT going to hear you out and I'm only going to shout at you. I feel like Cam and millions of other men who may have been deemed "sexist" can be "saved". But it's going to take understanding and it's going to take patience. Two things this country is strongly lacking right now. I'm not saying don't be offended, I'm not saying don't be mad, but just take a moment and think about how you're going to respond if you truly want there to be understanding in this world.