Boy Keeps Promise to Late Sister & Never Misses a Day of School

May 13, 2019

Alex Kunda's older sister loved school, and never missed a day of it up until her death in 2006 from an autoimmune illness at the age of 6. Kunda was only 4 at the time, and hadn't even started school, but made a vow to never miss a day in honor of her. CBS News reports that he's now a senior at Brunswick High School in Brunswick, Georgia, and has kept up his perfect record for 13 years. When he was in fourth grade, his parents even tried to lure him into skipping school with a trip to Disney World, but he chose school instead. "This was the one promise I remembered making to her," Kunda said. "And I can't make any more promises to her in person, anymore. So the one promise I did make, I was going to keep it."