Being an Angry Old Man Can Literally Kill You, Study Finds

May 10, 2019


Grumpy old men are a hazard to their own health! A study published Thursday in Psychology and Aging finds that angry emotions in people over the age of 80 can lead to inflammation that causes heart disease, cancer and arthritis. "Experiencing anger daily was related to higher levels of inflammation and chronic illness for people 80 years old and older, but not for younger seniors," says study co-author Carsten Wrosch. Adds lead study author Meaghan Barlow, "Younger seniors may be able to use that anger as fuel to overcome life's challenges and emerging age-related losses, and that can keep them healthier. Anger becomes problematic for adults once they reach 80 years old, however, because that is when many experience irreversible losses and some of life's pleasures fall out of reach." Bummer, Gramps!