Arkansas Family Creates Plastic "Blanket" for Pandemic Hugs

April 27, 2020

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An Arkansas family has created a plastic "hug blanket" which allows hugs without violating social distancing protocols, according to UPI. "It was my wife's idea that I didn't support in the beginning, it was just a crazy idea," Paul Ayoub said. The idea came when Ayoub's wife was about to deliver a baby and they all wanted to remain close. The blanket hangs in a doorway and was made from a shower curtain, hot glue and tape. It contains arm holes with sleeves, made from bags. Ayoub posted a video of the family using the blanket on TikTok, where it earned over a million views. "It exploded and I got an 'I told you' so from my wife. Rightfully so, she was like, 'I just made you TikTok famous,'" Ayoub said. "I think people are missing things that we take for granted, like little things like a hug. In a time where things seem helpless and scary, people gravitated towards it."