After Nine Years Waiting for the Apocalypse, a Guy Comes Out of Hiding and Immediately Goes to the Bar

October 16, 2019

oixxo iStock / Getty Images Plus


On Sunday, police in the Netherlands discovered a family of seven people who'd been living in their basement for nine years waiting for the apocalypse. And they were only found after a 25-year-old guy left the property, went straight to a bar, drank five beers and eventually told the bartender about it. He had long hair and a dirty beard and he said his brothers and sisters were still there and needed help. So the bartender called the cops. Police found his five siblings in the basement of an old farmhouse, along with a 58-year-old guy who they initially thought was the dad. But apparently that's not the case. Everyone else was between 18 and 25. They'd been living off food grown in a garden outside, and also had a goat. But it sounds like they mostly stayed in the basement and had no contact with the world. Cops arrested the 58-year-old for not cooperating.  It's not clear if he's facing any other charges or not.