A Woman Says a Guy Behind Her on a Plane Who Kept Punching Her Seat "Assaulted" Her

February 13, 2020

There's a woman named Wendi Williams from Virginia Beach, Virginia who was recently flying from New Orleans to Charlotte, North Carolina on an American Eagle flight. And she says the guy behind her wouldn't stop punching her seat. She even took a video of him doing it, and posted it on Twitter. It's not super aggressive punching, but he does repeatedly jolt her seat. The reactions are split. On one hand, it does look like it would've been awful to sit though the guy punching her seat over and over. And she says the flight attendant wouldn't intervene and even got hostile with her about it. But on the other hand, the guy is in the last row, in a seat that doesn't recline. And Wendi reclined her seat, even when he asked her not to, which gave him very little space. Plus some people think it was too much to post the video of it on Twitter. Wendi says American Eagle hasn't responded to her complaints and no one would've believed her without the video. She says she's missed time at work from her injuries and she's planning to report the, quote, "assault" to the FBI.