A Woman Gets Stranded in the Snow and Uses Tinder to Find Help

January 27, 2020
Tinder app

Leon Neal/Getty Images


Well here's a clever way to use your sex appeal: Lonia Haeger is a professional kite surfer from Germany and she was driving through Norway recently with friends in an RV when they got stuck. They were in the middle of nowhere and the roads were so icy, they were worried they'd slide down a big hill if they tried to move in either direction. A tow truck wouldn’t be able to get there for a while though and they were worried another car might slide on the road and hit them. So they got creative, and asked for help on Tinder. They made a new profile using pictures of Lonia and a guy who was nearby got in touch five minutes later. Apparently he was really close. Because it only took him another five minutes to get there and he showed up in a huge front-end loader to clear a path in the ice. He got them to a safe spot to park, then came back the next day to put chains on their tires. It's not clear if he got a date out of it or not.