A Photo of a Dog Is an Optical Illusion That's Making People Crazy

February 14, 2020
Optical Illusion

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There's a photo of a perfectly normal dog that's going viral right now, because of an optical illusion that's making people think they're looking at anything but a perfectly normal dog. When you see the photo, you know you're looking at an animal, but you aren't sure what it is. A baby goat? A white, hairy pig? A Chupacabra? But it's all an optical illusion. The dog's ear looks like a mouth, and its mouth and nose look like an ear. So if you rotate the photo, you can see it's just a dog lying on a bed looking up. Still, it's a good optical illusion. Even after I'd seen what the dog actually looks like, my mind would go back and forth between "unidentifiable creature" and "dog."