A Bagel Store Manager Drove Seven Hours to Return a Customer's Keys

November 21, 2019
Key fob

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Over the weekend, a woman from Long Island named Diana Chong was heading off for an early Friendsgiving dinner in Pennsylvania.  And on her way out of town, she stopped at her favorite bagel shop and left her keys there. Her car is a push-button one with a key fob, and her husband was inside with the engine running. So that's why they were able to drive off without the keys. They drove 180 miles without stopping, got to their destination near Scranton, Pennsylvania, turned their car off, couldn't find the keys and realized they were stranded. To make matters worse they both needed to be back home on Monday for work. They called the bagel shop, but there was no way to overnight the keys on a Sunday. So without hesitating, the manager asked for the address and said he'd deliver them. His name is Vincent Proscia and he ended up driving seven hours round-trip to get their keys back to them. He drove back the same night, got two hours of sleep, and still went to work the next day. When a reporter asked why he did it, he said it was, quote, "just the right thing to do."