88-Year-Old Crossing Guard Sacrifices His Life to Save Students From Speeding Sedan

February 19, 2020
School crosswalk

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On Tuesday morning, 88-year-old crossing guard Bob Nill was helping students across the road at Christ the King Catholic School in Kansas City, Kansas, when he noticed a black sedan heading to his intersection at a high speed. Despite his red stop sign and the crosswalk's flashing yellow lights, Nill sensed the car wasn't stopping--so he motioned for two young boys to get back to the sidewalk before the car barreled into Nill, killing him. Nill is being hailed as a hero by city and school officials alike, while the driver, who remained at the scene, was believed to have been speeding and distracted--but not intoxicated--at the time of the collision. Speaking of his uncle, Nill's nephew told FOX-4, "For him, it was a really important job. Now we know how important it was. He saved some lives."