8 Valuable LEGO Sets You Might Have at Home

May 17, 2019

Esin Deniz

Mental Floss has compiled a list of limited edition LEGO releases that may be gathering dust in your toy closet--but are actually worth a lot of money. Here they are:

  1. Millennium Falcon. The Ultimate Collectors Series edition of the Star Wars ship includes 7541 pieces and hit the market for $800 in 2017. It now sells on websites like eBay for more than $2000.
  2. Hogwarts Castle. The Harry Potter-themed set has more than 6000 pieces and sells for $400. 
  3. Taj Mahal. The 5922-piece Taj Mahal broke the record for most LEGO pieces per set when it debuted in 2008. It originally retailed for $300, but Wal-Mart has two sets left-which are going for nearly $1500 each. 
  4. Eiffel Tower. The four-foot-high set was released in 2007 for $200. The set is currently available for $2757 on Amazon.
  5. Death Star. This set, featuring 4000 pieces, is available for $500 from the LEGO shop.
  6. Cafe Corner. The Cafe Corner set features a little over 2000 pieces and sold for around $100 upon its release in 2007. Today it’s available on Amazon for close to $2000.
  7. Disney Castle. The LEGO shop sells the 29-inch-tall Disney Castle for $350.
  8. Grand Carousel. With 3263 pieces, nine mini figures, and a motorized, rotating platform, the Grand Carousel is one of the more impressive sets ever released by LEGO. The set debuted at $250 in 2009 and was discontinued a year later. It’s fetching more than $2000 on online marketplaces.