7 Cooling Bedding Options to Keep You From Sweating This Summer

July 31, 2019

AlexVolot Stock / Getty Images Plus

Warmer temperatures can make sleeping through the night tough. With that in mind, Mental Floss has compiled this list of things that will help you avoid a sweaty slumber. Here they are:

  1. Clone pillow ($119). This pillow uses shredded memory foam and a removable cooling gel layer for a cold respite from high temperatures.
  2. Tempur-Cloud Breeze Pillow ($169 to $209). This pillow uses cooling gel to direct heat away from your face and neck.
  3. I Am Cool Pillow ($40). This heat-reducing pillow uses a cotton-polyester blend to wick away heat in a manner similar to sweat-wicking sports apparel.
  4. The Regulator Bed Sheets ($129 to $169). The Regulator is made of bamboo rayon, which, according to the company, transfers heat up to twice as effectively as cotton bedding.
  5. Leisure Town Mattress Pad ($50 to $70). This topper is made of 100 percent cotton and offers cloud comfort without the additional sweat.
  6. Dangtop Bamboo Blanket ($25 to $30). This blanket is made from bamboo to provide a cozy throw while still moving heat away from your body.
  7. AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed ($22 to $33). The raised platform allows air to circulate underneath your furry friend.