4 Ways to Prevent Your Kids From Eating All of Their Halloween Candy

October 31, 2019



Your kids are probably going to collect a ton of Halloween candy when they trick-or-treat on Thursday, and they're definitely going to want to eat it all. But parents will no doubt want to limit their sugar intake, and The Wall Street Journal just published four tips for how to do it:

  1. The Negotiation. On Halloween night and the day after, Jessica Braider lets her two sons eat all the candy they want. But after that, their candy is available only in small quantities as an option for their daily treat.
  2. The Vanishing Act. This tactic simply involves a much larger parent or parents eating tons of Halloween candy before their kids have a chance to take it all down.
  3. The Switch Witch. Parents offer to exchange inedible prizes like toys for large quantities of candy.
  4. The Office Potluck. After letting your kids stuff their faces on Halloween night, put the rest of their candy in a bag and bring it to the office.