34 Ideas for Entertaining Kids at Home, Suggested by Actual Kids

May 4, 2020
Screaming kid

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When it comes to keeping your kids entertained at home, are you out of ideas? The Wall Street Journal is here to help with 34 fresh, new suggestions for what to do--provided by kids themselves (check the link for the full list):

  1. “My favorite thing was when we made a television and a remote control out of a cardboard box and pretended to be nature program presenters.”
  2. “One day, my sister dug a big huge hole in our backyard and we trapped mommy in it. That was the best day ever.”
  3. “I biked to my friends’ house so I could give them these chocolate treats I made that were called 'spilled milk' that you make with melted white chocolate and cereal. I left them at the end of the driveway for them.”
  4. “It’s fun to make how-to videos and put them on YouTube, like how to make a paper snowflake, how to shoot baskets and how to do ballet."
  5. “The best thing I’ve done is build super cool Lego and watch the Boston Bruins win the 2011 Stanley Cup.”
  6. “Last weekend, we pretended our house was a hotel and we all switched around and slept in different rooms and even made a check-in desk where you had to pick up your key. It was pretty cool.”