10 Fan Predictions for How “Game of Thrones” Will End

May 17, 2019


Some loyal Game of Thrones fans submitted their predictions on how the series finale will end on Sunday to BuzzFeed...

  1. Tormund tries one more time to get with Brienne. Tormund will probably make one last attempt at Brienne before heading beyond The Wall. 
  2. Arya and Gendry rule the Stormlands together. The Stormlands is ruled by an unconventional warrior Queen and the husband who showed her that love is worth fighting for. The End.
  3. Winter isn’t over just yet. We may not have seen the last of winter because they never showed the purpose of the babies who were sacrificed.
  4. The Small Council rules Westeros. If Dany is still alive at the end, maybe all of the "bend the knee" and "I am your queen" stuff is leading her to accept that, to break the wheel, she needs to destroy it entirely--Iron Throne included.
  5. Sansa takes the throne. Sansa is one of smartest people in Westeros and she’s got her dad Ned Stark's heart. 
  6. Daenerys Targaryen wins. Dany will be sitting on the Iron Throne with dead bodies and blood everywhere, Drogon roaring beside her. The Mad Queen.
  7. No one ends up on the throne. The Iron Throne will be destroyed either by accident or on purpose because it symbolizes so much.
  8. Everyone is stuck in a time loop. The Night King isn't dead. It's a vicious time cycle.
  9. Jon Snow reluctantly ends up ruling. Jon will survive the carnage and take the throne because there's no alternative, and only those who accept power reluctantly are worthy to wield it.
  10. Tyrion Lannister ends up as king. Jon will become the new Night King, Tyrion will find out he’s a Targaryen and end up on the Iron Throne, which will make Sansa the queen--since they’re technically still married.