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GRAPHIC PHOTO: Corey's Weenis Injury

It's been a point of pride in my 34 years of existence that I've never needed stitches before. This weekend, that streak should have come to a close had I not waited too long to go to urgent care. On Saturday night I was leaving my girlfriend's parents’ house with her 7 pound Pomeranian under my... Read More

Do You Hate When People Celebrate the Holidays Too Early?

I’ll be honest; I've been accused of being a Grinch in the past for my firm stance that Christmas shouldn't be celebrated until after Thanksgiving. It's gotten to the point where when I see others celebrating too early I get ANGRY. And that anger has only compounded over the years as it seems we... Read More

The Definitive List: Best Halloween Candy

For the sake of this list I stuck with original versions 5. Nerds - The underdogs of Halloween candy. They might not be the first thing you think of when the thought of Halloween candy comes to mind, but don't sleep on these bottomless boxes of crunchy sweet/tart bliss. Each little piece of... Read More

"Cam Newton Isn't a Sexist, He's Just Stupid."

"I don't think Cam Newton is a sexist, I just think he's stupid." Wanna piss off some women? Tweet that sentence and see what happens. I know from experience. It only took seconds before I was too labeled a sexist, a misogynist, and called just as stupid as Cam Newton. I think we all need to take a... Read More

How Ugly is Corey from #TeamPXY's New Comforter?

It sucks to be judged by anyone, but when it's one of your parents doing the judging it's that much worse. Around 6 or 7 years ago when my parents came to visit me my mom, who is the sweetest lady in the entire world, told me that "no girl is going to want to stay over because of this", referring... Read More

H.S. Student Barred From Wearing Military Sash at Graduation

Trevor Fuller recently committed to a six-year stint in the Marine Corps, which provided him with a red sash to wear at his high school graduation in Pennsylvania if he so desired. Fuller and two of his classmates were game, but Middletown Area High School prohibited them from wearing the sashes... Read More

Parents Attempt to Deal With "Toddler Discrimination"

Anybody who is the parent of a toddler has probably dealt with dirty looks while dining out at one time or another. While sometimes those glares are warranted, in The Washington Post's On Parenting blog , journalist Whitney Pipkin says other times it's just plain "toddler discrimination." After her... Read More

Gorilla Mom Unlikely to Face Charges; Exhibit to Get Higher Fence

Authorities in Hamilton County, Ohio, have reportedly ended their investigation into a boy's fall into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo last weekend, and are not recommending that prosecutor Joe Deters bring any criminal charges against the boy's mother. Deters is expected to make a... Read More