Concerned Minnesotan Calls Cops on Cardboard Cutout of Pillow Mogul

March 4, 2019


Is this what they mean by snow blindness? Last week, someone called the cops in Minnesota because they thought they saw a man out in the freezing snow with no coat that turned out to be a cardboard cutout. "Officers were called to check on the welfare of an adult male in one of our local neighborhoods standing motionless outside and near a home wearing no coat in the cold and hugging a pillow," police in the town of Jordan wrote Thursday on Facebook. "Officers discovered the adult male in need of possible assistance was actually a cardboard cutout of MyPillow CEO and inventor Mike Lindell." The Jordan police proved their Minnesota niceness by adding, "Those cardboard cutouts sure can look real from a distance and the caller certainly was not wanting to get too close thinking who is this deranged person standing outside in the cold hugging a pillow; always better to call the police." Meanwhile, if you're wondering why a random CEO's life-sized cardboard cutout was hanging out in the first place, Lindell is apparently one of Minnesota's most well-known quirky celebs. He was profiled by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune this past September in a story headlined, "Mike Lindell's Fitful Journey From Crack Addict to MyPillow Magnate." You can also buy Lindell's life-sized cardboard cutouts on the MyPillow website.