Bradley Cooper's Painful Oscar Interview With Giuliana Rancic Goes Viral

February 25, 2019

Giuliana Rancic interviewed Bradley Cooper during E!'s red carpet coverage of the Oscars, and the exchange went viral for all the wrong reasons. It appeared he didn't love her question about what he's directing next and at one point, he even had to tell her he couldn't hear her. Things got even more painful when Rancic raved and stammered about how A Star Is Born "made her fall in love with her husband even more." A visibly uncomfortable Cooper quietly replied, "Thank you. We all worked so hard. That’s all I can do." Twitter users were quick to notice how awkward the interview was. "Guliana Rancic pouring her emotions out to Bradley Cooper and him not giving a s**t is the best thing that’s happened so far," one viewer wrote. For what it's worth, Rancic shared the same anecdote with Lady Gaga later and the singer reacted far more graciously.