Are Raccoons, Opposums & Other Rodents the Next Hot Thing in Millennial Pets?

March 1, 2019

Hey, if millennials can make entire restaurants devote themselves to the avocado, then why not turn vermin like opposums, beavers and raccoons into the next hot pet trend? According to The New York Times, that's what's happening as rodents stake their claim as the new stars of social media--a.k.a. "verminfluencers." Need proof? There's a possum named Starfish who's so famous, he's got 110,000 Instagram followers--many of whom visit him in person at packed meet-and-greet events. "It’s a social movement,” says 25-year-old Starfish fan Victoria Armour. "We can all relate to an animal who’s just focused on eating and rummaging through trash. We’re no longer liking the fluffy animals. We want the weirdos. We want the jaded ones. We want the ones who were kicked out of society." Adds 24-year-old Mary Ward, "People are, like, horribly repelled by them, but they actually do a lot of good, and they’re cute. And…their little hands!”