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2 Top Republicans Blame Video Games, School Prayer Bans for Texas, Ohio Shootings

August 5, 2019

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, both Republicans, went on FOX News this weekend to blame video games for encouraging the shootings in Texas and Ohio, Newsweek reports. Patrick also intimated that prayer-in-school bans were a factor. "[It's> Sunday morning when most of your viewers, half of the country, are getting ready to go to church and yet tomorrow we won't even let our kids pray in our schools," Patrick told Fox & Friends Sunday. Patrick also said that America has always had guns, but the shootings have increased since the rise of violent video games, saying, "I see a video game industry that teaches young people to kill." McCarthy echoed similar sentiments to FOX News, saying that the violence in the games is dehumanizing. Neither lawmaker referenced gun control laws as a potential remedy, and neither mentioned that countries all around the world have the same violent video games as the U.S., but none have close to the number of mass shootings.