EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany Young on ‘Being Fearless’ and Her Love of Miley Cyrus

The singer is serving inspiration and has some collaboration ideas

November 26, 2019

Tiffany Young, the former member of K-pop group Girls' Generation, is now a solo star. Building her own sound over the past two years, Young has taken all she’s learned on her journey across the continent and packed it into her victorious new single, “Run For Your Life.”

“’Run For Your Life’ is about passion and ambition and just, being fearless” Young tells us in the exclusive video above. The marching bop starts with a war cry, going on to rally the masses with a stadium-shaking shout-a-long chorus. “I really was inspired off of going through eight cities across North America earlier on this year, and I wanted to channel that energy that I got on stage. I wanted the listener and my fans to feel empowered and fabulous and be ready to take on life no matter where you’re heading to.”

“I was at a time where I felt directionless, and it’s often times when you are directionless you can see beyond the judgment, beyond imagination, and really grasp on to that fire in you,” Tiffany adds, shifting from a smile to a determined look. “I wanted this song to really, really ignite that in the listener. To run for their lives while serving glitter looks,” she continues, eyes lighting up as she motions down her body.

Young seems renewed on “Run For Your Life,” a bold step sonically and firm step forward with power.

“It’s never done by you and it’s always done by a group of people who are ready to take on the world with you,” Tiffany acknowledges. “That really has helped me channel, and be ready to talk about anything.”

“I think in my K-pop career it’s always been about, ‘I’m happy. I can do anything. I’m gonna stay positive,’” Tiffany shares, adding fake inflection into her voice. “But often times, it’s so much more important to emphasize on the struggle, and the anxiety, and the often times depression kicks in.”

With Young revealing so much realness, it makes total sense that one of her favorite artists is Miley Cyrus. The “Mother’s Daughter” singer has meant a lot to Tiffany, and she hopes the two cross paths soon, IRL.

“I’ve been a fan for so long. Since 'Hannah Montana,'” she laughs. Young has been covering “Wrecking Ball” on tour, a moment that Miley happened to catch on Twitter. “She also retweeted it,” she says while glowing. “I’m very very honored to be recognized by the Queen herself and I’d love to create new music with her.”

For much more from Tiffany Young, watch the full video above. “Run For Your Life” is now available everywhere.

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