EXCLUSIVE: Grace VanderWaal Shares Biggest Career Accomplishment

The singer is back with the ‘LETTERS: VOL. 1’ EP

November 22, 2019

Grace VanderWaal is talented far beyond her years, and it turns out just as wise.

We asked for your questions for the America’s Got Talent winner, and you delivered. Thousands of fans wanted to know everything about Grace, but today we’re focusing on self-care and taking care of each other. Ideas that have taken some of us years to realize, this 15-year-old phenom seems to already have a pretty solid grasp on.

In the exclusive RADIO.COM video above, @klwood43 asks, “I would like to know what Grace feels is her biggest accomplishment thus far in her career.”

“Figuring out how to work and take care of myself at the same time,” Grace offers up. “I’m very proud of this accomplishment. I know it’s not something that’s been posted or something, but it was a very big accomplishment for me this year.”

The stresses of performing and dealing with multiple media requests were once overwhelming, but Vanderwaal has learned to find balance and put herself first. “I enjoy it now,” she smiles.

@sadiesagb asked, “If you had to make a rule for a day and everyone had to follow it, what would it be?”

Not really the authoritative type, Grace searched long for the answer, but finally found something that was the right fit for her. “It would be respect yourself and respect others, for the entire day,” she says with confidence.

Be right back, adding both of these to our motivational quote journal. While we are away, be sure to check out Grace VanderWaal’s new EP, LETTERS: VOL. 1, now available everywhere.

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